Using an LC/MS/MS instrument From June 2015 newsletter

Metal analysis & contaminant detection

To help food companies ensure that their products are compliant with legislative requirements for toxic metal species, we have invested heavily in metals analysis.

Following the purchase of a Perkin Elmer NexION 350D inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), which provides exceptional analytical performance for all food and drink matrices across nearly all elements, we have now been awarded UKAS accreditation for our upgraded metals analysis service.

Metal contaminants arise from environmental and anthropogenic sources, including soil, food contact materials, and packaging. Typical metals analysis screens include lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, and more recently nickel has become a target. There is an obligation on food companies to ensure that their products meet the regulatory requirements of the countries in which they sell. If you require assistance in this area, including risk assessment of your products, please contact us.

Contact: Danielle Cawdron
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Improved contaminant detection capabilities

To ensure that we can achieve the ever lower limits of detection required for contaminants in food and drink, we have also invested in improved LC/MS/MS instrumentation. The new instrument (AB Sciex 6500) is currently used for analysis of mycotoxins and packaging migrants, but will be extended to enhance our services for many other target analytes such as pesticides, illegal dyes and vitamins.

The launch of new instrumentation with greater sensitivity and resolving power enables us to help the food and drink industry remain resilient to ever changing external pressures.

Contact: Julian South
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