Coronavirus and
        the food industry From April 2020

Coronavirus and the food industry

To help our members and clients, virologist Martin D’Agostino has answered some of your key coronavirus questions in relation to food and drink.

What is the risk of transferring the virus from person-to-foods?

The risk of contracting the illness from food is negligible. It is not considered to remain infectious on food surfaces for long periods of time and it would have to somehow be inhaled from the foods themselves to cause infection.

Are there any recommendations on cleaning areas such as factories?

Continuing with normal routine cleaning regimes should be sufficient unless there is a particular problem with employees showing symptoms and large areas becoming contaminated, since these types of viruses are easily killed by routine cleaning procedures.

Should companies be concerned about the risk of contaminated ingredients or packaging from affected countries?

Currently, both the CDC and EFSA are saying the risk of infection from materials such as ingredients and packaging are extremely low and that currently there is no evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission.

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This video was published: 13 March 2020. Reviewed: 31 March 2020

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