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Equipment design From February 2019

Equipment design for hygiene

As well as performing its intended purpose, food processing equipment must be designed so that it can be easily and effectively cleaned. Good hygienic design of premises and equipment makes maintaining hygiene easier, cheaper and more effective. Not only will it reduce your running costs but will also give you better safety assurance - protecting your products and your brand.

In sections 4.4 (building fabric, raw material handling, preparation, processing, packaging and storage areas) and 4.6 (equipment) of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 there are requirements for food factory buildings and equipment. These requirements are general statements, and it is the food manufacturer’s responsibility to decide the design characteristics of factory buildings and equipment. Our approach is to apply European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) and Campden BRI guidelines to ensure compliance with legislation and best practice in the food industry.

The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) also stipulates requirements for equipment cleaning. Food machinery must be designed and constructed so that:

Additionally, instructions must be provided to indicate recommended cleaning products and methods for cleaning, disinfection and rinsing.

Campden BRI is acknowledged as the leading independent centre of expertise on issues relating to hygienic design of equipment and factories.

As members of the EHEDG we are a significant contributor to the development of guidelines to help industry comply with European Commission legislation for the safe and hygienic processing of foods. We can offer initial advice and assessment of factory and equipment design through to the inspection and assessment of installed process lines.

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