From October 2013 newsletter

The clock is ticking – are your labels legal?

Three key requirements for any successful food business are the ability to develop new products efficiently, to get them to the market as quickly as possible, and to ensure that when they arrive they are properly labelled. As product development cycles get shorter, there is an increasing need for a timely, accurate, authoritative and interpretative service, to help ensure that product labels meet legal requirements, and the Food Information to Consumers Regulation, which applies from 13 December 2014, will affect almost all labels. You need to ensure compliance.


Our label review service can help you achieve this in a cost effective and flexible manner, as Ruth Price, label review coordinator, explains:

"Working at any stage, from a development brief to finished artwork, our technologists can advise on product formulation, so that names, claims and descriptions are supportable. As the process moves forward, we can review any or all of the specific aspects of a food label, comment on their acceptability, forewarn of potential difficulties, and suggest practical alternatives. In addition, we will draw attention to any related forthcoming rule changes. Amongst the many advantages to clients are:

Contact: Ruth Price
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