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Water Spray From September 2018 newsletter

Rapid methods for hygiene determination

The performance of rapid methods for testing cleanliness in industrial situations is being assessed by a member funded research project that started this year. The research is mainly focused on methods for identifying chemical and microbial hazards such as allergens and Listeria. These rapid methods will be compared with validated methods that are currently used but which take longer to deliver results.

Many rapid hygiene test systems are already on the market but in supporting the project our members sought independent assessment to understand their capability and suitability to different environments, contaminant types and food production technologies. Systems with the potential for providing an array of real-time information are also becoming available on the market. This project will investigate the latest next generation technologies for detecting the presence of allergens, meat and microbes (such as Listeria) on food contact surfaces.

Contact: Craig Leadley
+44(0)1386 842059