Industry needs science and technology From January 2018 newsletter

Industry needs science and technology

Through 2017 we held an extensive consultation with our members about industry needs that can be met through innovation in science and technology. The consultation spanned ‘pre-farm to post-fork’, so many needs were identified. Themes from previous needs consultations reoccurred but new needs also emerged.

Commonly expressed needs

Needs that were more prominent than in the previous consultations, included:

Long-standing needs that are common to different parts of the supply chain, include:

The Brexit effect

Whilst Brexit does not represent a scientific need, some of its consequences will be addressed through science and technology. It featured in many of the discussions with UK and EU member companies - in particular, around research funding, regulatory change and uncertainty, potential changes to labour, and impact on costs of food ingredients, raw materials, packaging and distribution.

With industry, for industry

Understanding what you need from science and technology shapes the support we provide - services, research and innovation - and helps us to communicate your needs to Government, funding bodies and other providers such as universities and research organisations. Every three years we consult extensively with you, our members, about your scientific and technical needs. We consulted through our fourteen member interest groups (MIGs) with 29 industrial meetings and over 600 face to face consultations. We also surveyed 2,400 companies in 75 countries, and received additional written submissions. How do we address the needs?

The needs identified are addressed in various ways, including:

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