Fusing whisky tradition with innovative technology From March 2018 newsletter

Fusing whisky tradition with innovative technology

We helped InchDairnie to create a new rye whisky - Ryelaw. We used our 50kg pilot maltings to bridge the gap between conventional micro malting systems and the full-scale production.

We malted InchDairnie’s raw rye in our pilot maltings and then mixed it with distillers malt before brewing it using a mash filter to separate the wort. The wash was then taken to the distillery to distil.

Ryelaw brings together elements of Scotch whisky and American rye whiskey and is believed to be the first Scotch whisky to use rye in over 100 years.

The rye whisky will take around 6-8 years to mature at the Fife distillery.

Contact: Javier Gomez-Lopez
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