Glasses From February 2018 newsletter

Designing packaging for older consumers

The over 65s are an important market as this is the fastest growing segment of the UK population. The ageing process is accompanied by a decrease in sensory perceptions such as smell, taste, vision and hearing, as well as body movement. Therefore there is a requirement for food and drink products that meet these changing needs.

We carried out observational interviews to understand the challenges that older consumers face when opening packaging. This was done as part of a member funded research project on designing food and drinks for personalisation of diets for different life stages. We asked consumers how easy it was to read and understand the food preparation instructions on packaging. The products that consumers rated as the most readable and understandable were those that used large, bold text and clear and simple instructions.

We also asked the consumers to assess how tab size affects how easy it is to peel back the film lid on ready meals. The preferred tabs were those that were large, easy to tear, came away cleanly with little resistance and no tearing.

Our consumer testers also said they had problems opening induction seals, jars and cartons.

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