Energy costs From January 2015 newsletter

Reducing energy costs - new project

One of the new 2015 research projects that you voted for will be looking at process optimisation to reduce cost and energy consumption.

Better preservation of the nutritional and sensory properties of foods during heat processing is very important for quality and consumer acceptance of the products. It can also have beneficial effects for food product development. For example, antioxidants are often added to fat-containing foods to delay or slow down the development of rancidity. Greater retention of naturally present or added antioxidants through optimal thermal processing can also improve product shelf life.

Optimised thermal processes could also reduce cost and energy consumption. Both CTemp and Time-Temperature Integrator techniques can be developed as quality sensors that can be used to optimise the thermal processes. This project - Quality validation for heat processed foods: improving product quality, reducing process energy and cost - will provide a systematic study of process validation and optimisation to reduce cost and energy consumption, improve product quality and ensure safety.

Contact: James Luo
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