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New Russian regulation on the safety of alcoholic beverages

After eight years of negotiations, Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union “On the Safety of Alcoholic Beverages” (TR EAEU 047/2018) was finally published on 09 January 2019. It is a major step for the EAEU towards a single market for alcoholic beverages as it ensures uniform terminology and harmonised requirements for various types of alcoholic beverages, their production, storage, sale, transportation, and disposal across all EAEU member states (Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia).

The new regulation brings with it many improvements but also harbours some challenges. For instance, manufacturers based abroad may need to comply fully with the same requirements for raw materials and production facilities as the ones based in the EAEU. Due to reclassification, manufacturers of some beverages (e.g. cognac) may require new licenses, different excise duty stamps, and revamped labels. On the other hand, the updated definition of beer beverages is poised to boost the craft brewing sector even though it does not provide for stronger craft beer (7% ABV or more). In beer, replacing up to 50% of malt with grain and sugar-containing products (an increase from 20%) will be a new norm. Honey brewing and cider industries will also be among the winners.

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