Is packaging part of the product? From September 2012 newsletter

Food packaging product development

A product and its packaging are key elements for conveying brand experience. A coherent experience that delivers the brand essence (e.g. premium, convenient, sporty, trustworthy) is essential to establish brand loyalty and encourage re-purchasing. However, in the current product development process, food/drink products and packaging are often treated separately. New member subscription-funded research is looking to incorporate consumers feelings and emotions into the design of product/packaging to ensure that consumers get what they expect.

An initial study on beverage drink bottles revealed a number of visual cues and their product associations. For example, bottle colour or product colour (if packaging is transparent) were important cues for product flavour and taste expectations. Shape was associated with handling of the product (easy to hold) and type of drink (fizzy or still). Products in glass bottles were considered to be more premium than those in plastic.

To keep members updated, we have set up a LinkedIn group, an integrated approach to product and packaging, where research approaches and key findings are posted. If you are interested, please search for the group title and request to join in.

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