Solid-state microwaves - the future? From July 2019

Solid-state microwaves - the future?

Solid-state microwaves (SSM) are a new development that may rival the traditional magnetron microwaves that we are currently familiar with.

One of the biggest challenges with heating food with microwaves are the hot and cold spots created by the relatively fixed-frequency of magnetron generated microwaves. The intrinsic properties of the food itself also impact on the uniformity of heating e.g. different size, shape, salt content and product layout. SSMs have the potential to provide more uniform heating using technology from the telecommunications sector. SSMs can change their microwave frequency and phase to reduce hot and cold spots and can also assess energy within the cavity based on feedback sensors, although research is still required to independently validate this technology and the claims.

A new member-funded project will study a solid-state microwave as it heats model food products to investigate:

More complex real food products will also be investigated later in the project. This investigation will include whether product quality is improved post-heating.

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