Wine From August 2017

Wine analysis

A problem such as taint, flavour or aroma defect, a sediment or haze, or capping of aroma or flavour can have a big impact on the marketability of wine. Therefore, a small investment in wine analysis can save a fortune in lost sales.

Optimise flavour and quality

Wine can be sampled at many stages including throughout the wine making process, pre-bottling / pre-shipment to point of sale and beyond. We have established and validated shelf life protocols, and offer over 100 analyses. Analysis can be used to answer specific questions such as improving quality, or 'what is the shelf life of my product?' or 'is my product legally compliant?' or can be used more broadly - for example, to verify typicity or authenticity or to demonstrate due diligence.

Wine analysis can also be used to optimise flavour and quality. Recently we teamed up with Flint Vineyard (Norfolk, UK) to identify the unique 'fingerprint' of the Bacchus grape variety. Flint Vineyard hope to use the results to determine the best winemaking techniques to express the grape's potential.

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