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Product development guide 2nd Ed 2007


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Adopt best practice in the development of new food and drink products with the help of the second edition of Campden BRI's product development guide

This eagerly awaited second edition of one of Campden BRI's top selling guidelines is a major revision of the first edition. It provides the reader with a straightforward guide to the types of thought processes that those involved in product development need to go through. This basic guide is backed up by an expanded factual reference manual. Revisions to the guideline section reflect the major changes that have occurred since 1996 in people's lifestyles (including the types of food they want to eat, and how and when they want to eat it) as well as the transformations induced by the internet and other technological advances in communications technology.The reference manual section has been reformatted and updated to reflect new legislation, and to include new sections on HACCP, product costing, packaging, chemical and ingredient issues, consumer, sensory and statistical tools, and software tools, in addition to the revised sections on microbiology and sources of information.

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