KT11 Raw materials and ingredients in food processing. Key Topic 11

Cover for KT11 Raw materials and ingredients in food processing. Key Topic 11

1st edition (2005)

ISBN 0 905942 74 4

A concise overview of what determines the processing functionality of raw materials and ingredients, and how this in turn influences the quality and properties of the end product.

Raw materials and ingredients in food processing provides an introduction to the processing functional properties of typical raw materials and ingredients, illustrates how their properties are influenced by their chemistry, and describes how they in turn influence the quality and behaviour of the end product. After a general introduction, the book looks first at selected raw materials (rice, wheat and potatoes) and the basis for the extensive functional variation within these. It then looks at a wide range of ingredients, again illustrating the basis for variations in the processing functionality of these and the way in which this variation can be exploited. Examples covered include fats and fat replacers, gelling agents, proteins, starch and emulsifiers. A final section then looks at how particular ingredients can be used for specific functional purposes, with reference to products such as meringues, bakery products, ice cream and vegetable protein analogues.

The book will be of interest to all in the food industry, enforcement or education with an interest in the properties of raw materials and ingredients. As with all titles in the series, the intention is to be illustrative rather than comprehensive, and to present the information with a strong industrial slant. Softcover: 92 pages

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