KT12 Food Microbiology - an introduction. Key Topic 12

Cover for KT12 Food Microbiology - an introduction. Key Topic 12

1st edition (2006)

ISBN 978-0-905942-87-2

This book explains, to those without expertise in food microbiology, the basic characteristics of foodborne microorganisms and how they impinge on methods of processing and preserving food.

The book has a strong industrial slant. It uses examples from food manufacturing to put food microbiology into perspective, including examples of relative risk and safety assurance. It emphasises the �natural� occurrence of microorganisms, including pathogens, and the steps that have to be taken to reduce or eliminate them from foods. Although food microbiology is a very large topic, this book attempts to deal in brief with all of the major aspects, including the characteristics, growth requirements and effects on the food (or those consuming it) of pathogens, spoilage organisms and �beneficial� organisms. It also looks at the primary methods of reducing or eliminating unwanted organisms and preventing food recontamination, and the principal techniques for detecting, identifying and enumerating food microorganisms.

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