KT9 Food preservation - an introduction. Key Topic 9

Cover for KT9 Food preservation - an introduction. Key Topic 9

1st edition (2004)

ISBN 0 905942 69 8

A concise overview of the principles of established approaches to food preservation and their role in assuring food safety and preventing food spoilage

After a general introduction to food preservation and its importance, it works in turn through the major approaches including temperature, water activity, chemical and microbiological preservation systems, modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging, and the use of multiple approaches in combination. A final section outlines how the shelf-life of foods preserved by such approaches can be assessed, while a short chapter on new technologies in preservation provides a useful lead-in to the related Key Topic New technologies in food preservation: an introduction, which covers these in more detail. As with all the books in this series, the intention is to be illustrative rather than comprehensive, and to present the information with a strong industrial slant.

The Key Topics in Food Science & Technology Series has been developed to meet a need within industry, education and enforcement bodies for industrially relevant introductory guides to specific aspects of food science and technology. Softcover: 95 pages

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