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Project: Improved control of foam and haze in a range of drinks

Project title: Improved control of foam and haze in a range of drinks
Project team: Karin Pawlowsky
Member subscription funded project
Running: January 2014 – December 2015
Project Number: 4300

Haze formation is a quality problem that can affect a wide range of drinks for a number of different reasons. Non-microbiological particles that can cause haze include starch, beta-glucan, proteins, lipids and crystalline substances. Controlling hazes first requires collection and analysis of the haze-causing material; this enables the cause of the haze to be identified and corrective actions can then be taken. This project will assess and develop methods for measuring and characterising hazes in beers with novel ingredients and other novel alcoholic beverages such as beer mixes (e.g. raddlers), cider/fruit mixes and spirits with novel additives. Foam is another factor of importance in the drinks industry. Excess foam during production and processing can cause serious problems; for some drinks fobbing at bottling can produce particular problems. Yet some drinks require good foam formation on dispense. This project will investigate the causes of foaming in various drinks and assess ways of understanding the mechanisms involved in foam formation/stability as well as investigating options for controlling and, where required, enhancing foam.


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