Pastry waste

Training course helps Pukka Pies reduce pastry waste by 40%

Campden BRI case study

A group from the production and technical departments of Pukka Pies attended a Campden BRI training course on pastry technology. During the wastage reduction part of the pastry processing module, the Pukka Pies team mentioned that they consistently create a significant amount of scrap dough during their production processes.

Following subsequent discussions with Campden BRI, Pukka Pies invested in an extensive internal work programme on waste reduction resulting in very significant reduction in waste and increasing their efficiency.

Phil Smith, Operations Manager at Pukka Pies said, "With the help of Campden BRI we were able to train 10 employees in pastry technology. With a new understanding of pastry and the science behind it we were then able to re-design our production processes and reduce our pastry waste by around 40% on one particular product. Investment in new machinery and technology and investing in our people in the form of focused and meaningful training has played a major part in our continued success. The bespoke training that Campden BRI was able to offer us has been invaluable and will continue to help move our business forward in the future."

Pukka Pies

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