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New Technologies

New technologies for food and drink manufacturing

Project team: Danny Bayliss
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2016 – Dec 2018
Steering MIG: Manufacturing technologies
Project Number: 144857
Proposal documentation

Emerging technologies in food processing is the use of new or non-mainstream approaches for the preservation and manufacturing of food and drink. Examples of emerging preservation technologies include high pressure processing, pulsed light, UV surface treatment, power ultrasound and ohmic heating.

The ‘New Technologies’ project has been running in various forms since 1990. The current project consists of a blend of desk based research to produce information bulletins, and practical ‘proof of principle’ evaluations of new technologies carried out with a view to identifying areas for more detailed research. The project will follow this similar structure with some modifications to the delivery of the content.

The focus for the project for this funding period will be on emerging technologies for improving quality and value. Shelf life is not always determined by microbial growth so understanding the impacts that new technologies have on preserving important quality parameters is an important area. The feasibility studies selected for inclusion in the project have historically been medium to long term technologies in terms of commercial uptake. Such technologies will continue to feature in the programme, but there will also be a shift to include nearer market new technologies.

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