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Additives, flavourings and colours - your questions answered

The use of additives in food and drink can be controversial; for instance, aspartame was recently reassessed by the European Food Safety Authority and once again declared to be safe for use as a sweetener, but there are many blogs, tweets, Facebook pages and YouTube videos that show a strong public perception that it is highly dangerous. It can be these views that inform brand owners when making formulation decisions.

Queries about additive legislation are regularly dealt with by our Regulatory Affairs team. They can be about almost any aspect; for instance, whether or not an additive is allowed in a certain foodstuff or country (we can also answer international queries), or explaining what carryover additives, reverse carryover additives and processing aids are - and why the differences matter! We are also holding a seminar on additives and flavourings on the 3 July.

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