Understanding adventurous consumers From October 2019

Understanding adventurous consumers

Consumer food choices are increasingly shaped by health and environmental considerations along with a desire for transparency regarding ingredients and production processes. The market is responding with innovative products that focus on:

It is crucial that industry understands how receptive consumers are to innovation as this determines the likelihood of consumers purchasing their new products. We use ‘food related lifestyle’ segmentation as an approach to achieve this understanding. This approach gathers feedback from participants across a range of attitudes and behaviours towards purchasing, preparing and consuming food. We then use this data to identify the consumers who are likely to purchase products that, for example, include a novel ingredient or are produced through an innovative process. Coupled with advances in sensory segmentation techniques, the knowledge we gain from this helps guide product development, future testing and can speed up the innovation process.

Food trends are often changing. To ensure you stay on top of what is influencing your consumers’ purchasing decisions, our team of sensory and consumer scientists can support you by providing detailed insights throughout the product development journey. Get in touch to find out more.

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