Drinks bottler From January 2017

Alcoholic drinks bottler

Having recently taken delivery of a new drinks bottler at our Nutfield site, we asked Chris Smart what it was all about:

What new capabilities do we have now?

We can now fill around 1000 bottles per day. It means we can not only fill more of our own brews for clients, but can also fill NPD products delivered to us as finished product. In addition, dissolved oxygen levels in pack have dropped, which means products are more stable and will have a longer shelf-life.

How will clients benefit?

Being able to offer larger filling runs for NPD is especially useful for market research samples, where production in breweries cannot be easily interrupted for one-off runs. It gives our clients an alternative place to bottle that they can't get anywhere else.

What makes it unique?

Although several breweries contract pack beer and cider, they tend to be large volumes. We have a very flexible approach and can bottle anything from a few hundred up to a few thousand quite easily. We can also perform any analysis required on the product on-site (e.g. ABV, colour, haze), so that speeds things up quite a bit.

Contact: Chris Smart
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