Analysis as part of safety assurance From October 2015

Analysis as part of safety assurance

When considering safety issues in food and drink production, make sure you come to us for advice on the analytical aspects to ensure that assurance systems are robust.

Analysis of food and drink is a major activity for the industry; as well as being a very important part of product development, it provides vital information in the verification and validation of safety assurance programmes. Food analysis plays a role in several aspects of this – from checking shelf-life or authenticity to assuring legal compliance. It is important to use the correct analytical tool in order to get meaningful answers to questions.

Apart from the well-known food analysis areas such as chemical and microbiological analyses, we have extensive expertise in food testing from a safety perspective including the identification of chemical, microbiological and physical contaminants (e.g. glass, insects, stones and metal), and determining whether a food is what its label says it is (which can have important consequences for allergy sufferers).We are also involved in developing and evaluating the methods themselves.

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