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Allergens From April 2009 newsletter

Allergen cleaning validation

A new guide, based on research at Campden BRI, will help companies to ensure that cleaning procedures remove allergens.The number of people with a genuine food allergy is significant - as many as 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children.Avoidance of allergen-containing foods is the only reliable way to prevent an allergic reaction in these individuals. Preventing cross-contamination of foods with allergens is, therefore, essential. In factories where the allergen is present in some formulations but not others, this means ensuring that processing lines are properly and effectively cleaned between runs.

Validation of cleaning to remove food allergens (Guideline No. 59) looks at the steps that have to be taken to demonstrate that the cleaning mechanisms used are effective. It looks at what tests need to be done after cleaning to show that the allergen has been removed and discusses the limitations of what can be achieved. It does not discuss cleaning per se, as guidance on this already exists.

Research has also looked at methods for detection of allergens including, for example, detection of celery, mustard, fish and, most recently, lupin material - underpinning the technical support we offer in this area.

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