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What do consumers really think? From April 2011 newsletter

what do consumers really think?

What people say they do and what they actually do are often not the same. So we have invested in the latest software to help get to the truth - to help work out what consumers really think of a product. Eye tracking systems can enhance traditional consumer research measures and help capture a more complete consumer response to sensory stimuli.

The consumer sits at a computer and uses it in the normal way. Meanwhile, low levels of infra–red light are shone on to their face – and a high–resolution digital camera captures that reflected by their eyes.

Analysis software determines where each eye was looking at a rate of 50 times per second, to evaluate viewer engagement with an object, image, advert, pack or fixture. The system reports the data in a variety of ways – including 'heat maps', which highlight the areas that received most attention.

We will be using the system, which was demonstrated at the IFE exhibition last month, to help clients with on–pack communications – and to link results to other sensory measures such as product liking or acceptability, and emotions.

Complementary services

The eye–tracking software will complement our long-standing expertise in consumer studies: assessing what people think of individual products, or issues such as packaging, additives and organic production systems. For example, we currently undertake consumer trials for a wide range of retailer own–brand products, making use of our state–of–the–art preparation kitchen and assessment rooms.

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