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Beating the competition From April 2011 newsletter

Beating the competition

Finding out how your product performs when measured against your competitors can provide vital information in differentiation and survival.

Product benchmarking is the objective evaluation of a product in comparison with its competitors - and is a key component in analysing how well it is likely to perform in the marketplace. We can carry out these independent assessments from the point of view of the informed consumer - helping you to understand where your product is similar to others and where it differs. This forms a part of marketplace knowledge - or product intelligence - and bridges the gap between consumer research and scientific sensory evaluation.

As well as looking at the finished or established product, we can also apply the same principles to new product ideas - brainstorming in creative recipe development to combine food styles, trends and novel use of ingredients and packaging, and then screening product concepts to identify the best product for development. A new video clip showing consumer testing of products has recently been added to our video page.

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