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Packaging tensile strength testing From April 2010 newsletter

Packaging - tensile strength testing

Packaging has a vital role to play in protecting the food or drink it contains, and for this it has to have many different properties. Different types of packaging serve different purposes, but each needs to be evaluated for effectiveness. At Campden BRI, we are expanding our range of tests designed to determine whether a particular piece of packaging is fit for purpose. Emma Hanby explains one of these new services - tensile strength testing:

“A tensile strength test is a mechanical test performed on packaging materials to determine the maximum load that can be applied to a material before it ruptures. This test can be used to measure the tensile strength of paper, board and plastics. The material will show elastic behaviour up to a certain point and then rupture. The test can be adapted to different needs – it can also be used to measure the strength or elongation of a material and its tearing resistance and the force required to separate a seal. All these give a measure of the strength of the material.”

This is one of a suite of packaging strength methods available from Campden BRI related to distribution chain testing.

Contact: Emma Hanby
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