Consumner opinion From January 2017

Assessing consumer opinion

Successful product innovation relies upon understanding what the consumer wants, how the product fits the brand and, ultimately, whether the product provides consumer satisfaction.

We are a world leader in product sensory characterisation and linking this to consumer preferences to maximise new product success.

We offer a full consumer research package including survey design, field work, analysis and interpretation - including statistical evaluation - so that you can tailor your market strategy accordingly (e.g. for new product development or product benchmarking).

Our new Consumer Centre at Leamington Spa has been in extensive use since we opened it in late 2015.

The centre is specifically designed to support our clients in their consumer studies needs. They increasingly need consumer input at various stages of product development - concept development, prototype evaluation, product positioning and post-launch evaluation. Reliable insight into what consumers want from products - derived from a rigorous, structured approach - is essential.

Our facilities enable this to happen. As well as several meeting and training rooms, there are specialist facilities for Central Location Tests, a food preparation area and test kitchen, two observation rooms, and an audiovisual recording area. Services at the centre include consumer recruitment (from an extensive database) provision of moderators, full AV recording along with transcription and translation services, office support, and catering.

We are regularly asked to help define what consumer need the product is trying to address, identifying what target consumer segments the product is most relevant for, understanding what the compelling and credible features of the product are, and critically how much people will pay for the product. We can help ensure that precious resources are focused on products with the most potential - to maximise return on investment.

The centre is an ideal venue for both qualitative and quantitative consumer research, and provides an excellent space for activities such as focus groups, depth interviews, brainstorming sessions, co-creation and ideation sessions, recruitment interviews, team and business meetings, and training.

The central location within Leamington Spa along with good parking close-by and close proximity to rail, road and air links make it an easy venue to get to. Contact us if you would like to make use of it, or if you want any help with your consumer research needs.

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