Brewing process development From June 2016

Brewing process development

From raw materials processing to packaging, the key to brewing process development is the ability to define the process to achieve the market aim. This is especially the case with the many flavoured and novel beers and ciders entering the market, which pose new technical challenges. The combination of pilot plants, laboratory support and sensory evaluation makes us a ‘one-stop-shop’ for new product development.

Our pilot maltings and brewery are designed for maximum process flexibility and can make product to a commercial standard, which is reproducible on full scale-up. Sometimes the most efficient route involves small-scale developments in the laboratory, such as brewing on the one-litre scale or trying a variety of different fermentative microbes to identify the most successful. We have successfully produced a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including novel fermented “health products”, and our short run bottling services can provide test beers for retailers.

Our world-class laboratory facilities and expertise support the development process by characterising the products and comparing them with potential competitors in the market-place. Sensory evaluation is a skilled process and our team will provide invaluable expert comment to the client as we work together to optimise the product.

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