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chocolate ice cream From October 2018

Calorie reduction of ice cream

A premium chocolate ice cream was reformulated to reduce calorie content by 30% to allow an on-pack calorie reduction claim. Sugar content was reduced by 20%, to below the Public Health England target. The work was carried out as part of a member funded research project into ingredient selection to meet compositional and nutritional targets.

Sugar reduction was achieved by replacing sugar with erythritol and steviol glycosides to mitigate changes in sweetness and mouthfeel. Whole milk was replaced with reconstituted skimmed milk. The reformulated product was similar in appearance to the reference, with a firmer, denser texture. Both the reference and reformulated recipes had a rich dark chocolate flavour. However, the sweetness profile of the reformulated ice cream was different and it gave a slight aftertaste associated with the sweeteners used.

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