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Developing foods that make you fuller for longer From April 2015 newsletter

Developing foods that make you fuller for longer

In new member-funded research we will be looking at ways in which food structure can be manipulated in energy-reduced foods to enhance satiety. It will help the industry to produce food products that assist in weight management, by exploring the manipulation of food structure to modify consumer perceptions of, and satiety responses to, energy reduced products. Sarah Chapman explains how this can contribute to industry's aims to tackling weight management issues.

"Obesity, and its associated metabolic complications, is an ongoing public health issue. It is accepted that there is no single solution to lowering obesity rates; however, the food industry has a part to play in providing food choices that assist in weight management. The Department of Health recognises this role, and this is reflected in the 'Calorie Reduction' pledge as part of the Public Health Responsibility Deal.

This pledge currently has 37 industry signatories who have committed to take action. Suggested actions include use of satiety enhancers, development of lower calorie options and reformulation to decrease energy density. We will also be investigating the enhancement of protein content to enhance satiety."

Sarah Chapman
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