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Egg free club From May 2019

New egg free club

Egg is a unique multi-functional ingredient which is used in many different products. It is used for moisturisation, aeration, emulsification, enriching, colour and shine, and structure formation.

Consumer demand for plant-based products is increasing. Plant-based ingredients are known to have great functional properties such as foaming, emulsification and gelling due to their chemical composition. They could provide suitable replacements for egg in various products.

Our new club project will investigate how product quality can be maintained and improved cost-effectively by using plant-based alternatives to replace egg functionality. This will be achieved by providing practical guidance on how to identify and use the most suitable egg replacement ingredients for each product category based on an increased understanding of the mechanisms of plant-based egg replacements.

Contact: Tiia Morsky
+44(0)1386 842089

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