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Fibre enriched bread From February 2016

Improving fibre-enriched bread

Bakery process and ingredient development have been identified as routes to improve the quality of fibre enhanced bread, thereby impacting positively on the national diet. In the UK, over 70% of adults are not consuming the recommended 18g non starch polysaccharide (NSP) per day. This indicates the need to develop enriched fibre products that are appealing to the consumer. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different processes and additional ingredients on improving fibre enriched bread quality. Wheat and oat bran bread were compared over a number of variables to determine which, if any, improved bread quality.

Bread volume in both wheat and oat bran bread was significantly affected by the mixer type used. Particle size modification and pre-treatment had a greater effect on wheat bran bread volume than on oat bran bread. With wheat bran bread, fine particle size and hot pre-soaking had a negative effect on specific bread volume; however, coarse particle size with cold pre-soaking resulted in a similar volume to coarse bran untreated.

Further investigation is required to optimise high fibre bread.

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