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Modelling in the food industry

More companies in the food and drink industry are turning to mathematical modelling to develop and optimise their processes. We have, therefore, invested in a finite element modelling (FEM) tool capable of modelling the behaviour of food, drinks, packaging and factory environments in real life situations.

The technology allows multiple situations to be modelled quickly and cheaply to problem solve, optimise food and drink processes or to assess the effect of changes. The 3D physical modelling capability is very flexible and is suitable for a variety of situations such as gas/liquid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and solid mechanics.

The modelling technology could be used to model:

For example, we have modelled:

air velocity, air flow and heat flow profiles in ovens
air flow modelling
air flow in a factory
air flow modelling
a baked object drying in air
air flow modelling
biscuit stress
air flow modelling

The software adds to existing technical and scientific expertise and equipment that make us a partner of choice for industry.

This modelling technology will also aid a member funded research project - design and modelling of the impact of food structure on food texture. The project aims to develop an improved capability to design products with the required texture by modelling the effects of differences in structure and understand how process conditions can be used to create the required structure for a range of product types. The project will demonstrate these capabilities through case studies, evaluate the effect of reformulation on texture and establish expertise.

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