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Food defence From July 2018 newsletter

Insider threat - food for thought

Food defence is part of the updated BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8, which will be released in August. A counter-terrorism security advisor from Avon and Somerset Police provided insight to the threat of terrorism to food businesses at our most recent Quality and Food Safety Management MIG, which attracted a capacity audience.

Internal security levels and procedures should be linked to the UK terrorism threat level set by MI5, although the food industry is more likely to face domestic extremism from individual groups. However, the biggest security risk is disgruntled employees motivated by financial gain or ideology. Food companies can protect themselves by establishing personnel security risk assessments, robust preemployment screening, ongoing security measures (to deter and limit opportunity) and a strong security culture. Companies need to identify the critical parts of their business and protect them. They should create a crisis plan, know it and exercise it, for example what to do in the event of a site closure, a supplier closure, or if there is an attack on their brand.

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