New technology for foreign bodies From February 2020

New technology to ensure foreign body control

One of our member-funded research projects is investigating the potential of 3D X-ray technology to detect both quality and safety issues in a range of products.

Foreign bodies, such as glass in food or drink products, are an obvious safety concern. In this study, we used an X-ray computed tomography scanner from Biometic (Italy) to detect glass fragments in jars of mustard. We found the scanner could detect glass fragments at a range of sizes between 1.5mm and 7.2mm. Smaller glass particle sizes can be detected in other products.

How could it help you?

Commercial X-ray computed tomography systems have an auto-reject algorithm allowing a fully automated process that sorts between acceptable and contaminated products in real-time on a product line at speeds of up to 40m/min - detecting and preventing foreign bodies in food.

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