Hop Blending From February 2015 newsletter

Predicting results of hop blending

A new member–funded project will investigate the feasibility of brewers being able to predict the flavour/aroma characteristics of a beer using any blend of hop varieties in order to produce beers with exactly the sensory profile being targeted.

Most brewers use a limited number of hops, often one or two varieties per brand, to deliver the bitterness and flavour/aroma profiles required in their beers. The development of new hop varietal strains has encouraged exploration and development of new products, especially within the craft brewing sector. One of the biggest trends is dry, or late, hopping, which results in beers with very complex and robust hop flavour/aroma characteristics, but not necessarily with the bitterness associated with traditional hopping during wort boiling.

The new project will look to improve on the current iterative process of beer product development with scientifically based predictions.

Contact: Chris Smart
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