Identifying foreign bodies From April 2017

Identifying foreign bodies

Foreign bodies form the biggest single cause of consumer complaints received by manufacturers, retailers and enforcement authorities. Rapid and accurate identification is essential for determining the source of contamination and implementing measures to prevent recurrences.

For example, fragments of glass are often produced when someone is trying to scrape the last contents of a jar using a spoon or knife; a little excess pressure causes a small hole to be punched in the bottom corner of the jar. Another example of a recurring foreign body is a fragment of dental amalgam from a consumer’s filling. These tend to be dark in colour and so are easily spotted. Dental fillings and tooth fragments are often associated with hard foods such as crusty bread or biscuits, or sticky foods such as toffee.

Our forensic specialists use a whole range of analytical techniques to identify foreign bodies. The skill is to use the right technique for the detective work. If you have received a foreign body complaint, we can identify it, so helping you to prevent it recurring.

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