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Imaging for product quality

Believe it or not, different sized bubbles taste different, so understanding how they’ve formed in a food product is crucial when developing new products, benchmarking and troubleshooting. This is just one of the areas in which X-ray CT scanning is providing unparalleled insight and data.

Conventional imaging techniques generally produce 2D images of the surface, or a cross-section of a sample. Unfortunately, these methods are labourintensive, sample destructive and provide limited detail. X-ray CT overcomes these pitfalls - it is a technique that allows internal food structure to be visualised and measured to give important insights into such foods as bread, chocolate, cake and biscuits.

A team at Campden BRI has been investigating this technology with our members to understand how it can be applied to different foods to measure (and so help improve) quality.

Contact: Alix Cornish
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