Nutrition and health claims From November 2019

Pre-processing to improve nutrition

This year we began a new project to help our members optimise the nutritional value and functionality of the ingredients in their food products. It will also investigate the effect of processing techniques on the bioavailability of nutrients. So far, we have investigated the effect of two processes on whole wheat:

We’re continuing research into using these two ingredients for sugar reduction applications. Next, we will look at the biofortification of wheat in bread. Results will be reported at the end of this year and the research will continue for another two years.

New pre-processing literature review
As part of this project, we’ve recently published a literature review to summarise the research in this area. It identifies the various physical and chemical pre-processing techniques that are commonly used in the industry. Go to ‘R&D457’ to find out what effect each pre-processing method has on nutrition and techno-functionality.

Contact: Anne Vissers
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