Innovation - the road to success From November 2016

Innovation – the road to success

A new service is available to businesses of all sizes to help them innovate. We will guide your business through the first three steps of innovation and help you implement the results.

Is innovation beneficial?

Innovation helps to develop more effective products, processes and services, as well as generating new areas of business. There are many reasons why a business wants to innovate. External drivers include competition, lower costs, demand, economic forces, social change and demographics. Equally important are the internal drivers, which include improved product quality and improved profitability.

What is an Innovation Road Map?

As part of our new service your business will receive a consultation and a bespoke Innovation Road Map. During the consultation we will explore the main innovation objectives for your business and work with you to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing innovation within your business.

Our service will help your business adopt a systematic and planned approach to change. The global food and drink industry is dynamic and challenging – we are your tool box for innovation.

Contact: Charlotte Holmes
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