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New equipment offers increased shelf life testing potential From January 2011 newsletter

New equipment offers increased shelf life testing potential

We have installed new equipment which offers the potential for accelerated testing of a product's response to light exposure. The VeriVide photostability cabinet allows intense exposure to light, which can give an early indication of the long term stability of a food or drink product with regard to factors such as colour fading or oxidation.

Sarah Chapman, Product Development Technologist, explains some of the features of the cabinet:

"Using this equipment we will be able to store and evaluate the light sensitivity of a range of foods and drinks and thus allow clients to better predict the shelf–lives of susceptible products.

The cabinet has two light sources, one representing artificial daylight and the other representing fluorescent light at point of sale. The control panel is configured to allow switching between the two light sources and to vary the light intensity of both. As the cabinet is sited in a temperature and humidity controlled storage room, it is able to maintain ambient temperature and humidity. Reflector linings on the walls and doors mean that shading is avoided."

Sarah Chapman
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