Pasteurisation of dry ingredients From July 2011 newsletter

Pasteurisation of dry ingredients

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We have installed a major new piece of equipment for pasteurising dry ingredients.This will allow us to work with clients to quantify the heat processing that their products require to achieve the desired microbiological reduction. The system can be used for any product that can be conveyed via vibration, that is not water soluble and that does not become too sticky if brought into contact with steam.

There has been growing interest in problems associated with uncooked nuts, seeds, spices and other dry ingredients, which potentially carry Salmonella. The equipment heats these ingredients to kill vegetative pathogens. It consists of two spirals, one for heating and one for drying and cooling. Steam is introduced into the heating coil as desired, typically in the first few loops of the spiral. The pipe walls are electrically heated to a maximum of 400°C, while the steam can be superheated to 180°C. After steam injection the heated pipe can be used to remove residual moisture.

This new system complements the long-standing expertise at Campden BRI in heat processing and microbiological heat resistance.

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