Knowledge is king From June 2017

Knowledge is king

Whatever your role in the food industry, if you have an issue, you may need outside help to solve it. We can help – with our on–site technical experts, a team with in–depth knowledge of regulatory affairs and a central support team complete with library and publications store.

Regulatory issues

Maintaining an awareness of current food and drink legislation, understanding its implications and remaining alert to changes is increasingly challenging. Our experienced food law advisory team offers a valuable, extensive and authoritative information and advisory service. With in–depth knowledge on UK and EU legislation, expertise on US, Canadian, South African and Australasian laws, and native language speakers dealing with China, Germany, Latin America, Poland, Russia, Spain and several other international countries, we can cover more than 80 countries around the world.

As well as answering enquiries, we can keep you up to date with our fortnightly Food Law Alert and our web–based Food Law Notes – a comprehensive compendium of UK and EU food and drink legislation. If you need specifications and artwork support we have the solution. Writing product specifications and ensuring that final signed off artwork and product packaging are fully aligned is challenging. Our team provides a full service to support both manufacturers and retailers in this area, ranging from covering overflow work through to fully outsourced solutions.

Information and library

If you have a question and don’t know where to get the answer, then our support team is the place to start. We are on hand to field the wide variety of food-related questions that members ask, and have access to many external databases and other information sources, as well as our own libraries at Chipping Campden and Nutfield – which are open daily for our members.

Specialist knowledge on alcoholic drinks

A wide-ranging portfolio of technical and legislation based databases and update publications is available to help clients to solve brewing problems, help with product development and keep up to date on technical developments in the industry.

Members have access to our Regulatory Updates covering alcoholic beverages and a database focusing on beer and malt. We also have an update specifically for the wine sector. In addition, specific food safety databases give details of legal levels and briefings on important topics.

For knowledge on the latest patents and research being published, our Brewing Literature database is accessible via our Beer Knowledge Subscription Service. This is the world’s largest database on brewing, malting and cider and is complemented by a number of alerts digesting the information into areas such as brewing microbiology, sensory science, malting, process innovation and NDP.

There is a document delivery service to support the databases.

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