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Making sure your meat looks good From May 2011 newsletter

Image analysis identifies product quality

The ability to accurately picture and describe the colour, composition or structure of a food product provides the food manufacturer with a valuable tool to improve quality – as our front page article demonstrates. But meat is not the only product that can benefit in this way. From consistent and accurate colour measurements of products such as fruit and vegetables, to detailed descriptions of the crumb structure of bread and cakes, we have a range of state–of–the–art equipment to do the job. Image analysis specialist Martin Whitworth explains:
"As well as DigiEye technology we can perform non-destructive imaging of internal product structure using an X–ray CT scanner.We also do quantitative analysis of cellular product structure using the C–Cell instrument, which we helped develop.
More recently, use of hyperspectral NIR imaging has allowed the chemical composition of products to be visualised and quantified. It clearly shows areas where the composition is different.This makes it very useful for investigating the uptake of fat in fried products, such as doughnuts or chips, or to monitor moisture migration in bakery products and help understand how they become stale over storage life.
A short video clip demonstrating some of these imaging techniques can be viewed here

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