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How risky are your raw materials? From May 2011 newsletter

How risky are your raw materials?

Most food raw materials have potential hazards associated with them – be they chemical, microbiological or physical. But some hazards are a greater risk to the final product than others. How do food manufacturers and processors objectively decide which hazards need specific attention? To help answer this question, we have published new guidance on raw material risk assessment. Risk assessment and management of raw materials (Guideline 65) provides specific guidance on the application of risk assessment techniques to identify, evaluate and control hazards associated with raw materials in a food, drink or feed manufacturing environment.The guidance will be of most use to companies looking to develop or update a procedure for raw material assessment, giving them more confidence in the food safety management procedures they have in place.
The guidance is relevant to both large and small businesses, the approach for each being the same, although the level of complexity, associated procedures and documentation would be significantly different.

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