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Member funded research update

R&D Reports

Modelling can help optimise quality in heat preserved foods
A new R&D report (RD440) provides a strategy to compare the impact of two or more thermal processes on food quality. The research used modelling of thermal processes to study process validation and optimisation methods. Numerical thermal process models can be used to better understand the impact of process conditions or product characteristics on food quality. Models can reduce the need for practical experimentation, saving time and money. The report was published as part of a member-funded project into quality validation for heat processed foods.

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Martin George
+44(0)1386 842037

Shelf life extension through superchilling
Our research has demonstrated the potential for superchilling to extend the shelf life of chilled products without negatively impacting product quality. It showed that is possible to extend the stored shelf life of certain products before they are released to the chilled distribution chain and maintain their original chilled shelf life. The project also used advanced microbial profiling (AMP) to characterise the changing microflora of products as they progress through their shelf lives. The microflora of superchilled products is not static despite being kept below their minimum temperatures for growth.

The research (published in RD441) was conducted as part of a member-funded research project looking at extension of product shelf life through superchilling.

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Greg Jones
+44(0)1386 842143

Research summary sheet

Advanced microbial profiling used to monitor animal husbandry and shelf life
Research we conducted has shown that culture-based microbiology has the potential to miss significant groups of organisms that could have an impact on shelf life. Research also showed that milk flora was influenced by animal housing. The research was conducted as part of a member funded research project into enhancing shelf life.

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Greg Jones
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