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Microbiological methods: take part in ring trials From December 2016

Microbiological methods: take part in ring trials

We are an Expert Laboratory for the validation of new and alternative microbiological methods for a range of food spoilage organisms and pathogens. These validations ensure that commercially available methods used for food and drink analysis are robust and give an equivalent performance to the corresponding BS/ISO method.

An important part of these validation studies is to trial these new methods in competent food testing laboratories, to assess their performance under routine testing conditions. We are looking for laboratories that would like to take part in these trials to help assess new methods.

It involves testing between 8 and 16 samples on an agreed date. The samples would need to be tested using the ISO standard method and the new alternative method. All instructions and media would be provided. Participating laboratories do not need to be accredited for any of the methods but should follow good laboratory practice.

Participants benefit from the opportunity of testing new methods and a proficiency scheme style report is provided showing the performance of the individual laboratory for the ISO test method. This can be used for the laboratory’s quality system to show on–going competence. If the laboratory wishes, more than one member of staff can participate to give data on the reproducibility of results between different personnel. All data remains confidential to the individual laboratory.

Contact: Gail Betts
+44(0)1386 84071