Microbiology From March 2014 newsletter

Featured kit: microbiology process hall

Our newly commissioned microbiology process hall will help us develop our well established microbiology evaluation and process validation services. In particular, it provides us with a larger area dedicated to the microbiological inoculation of foods and evaluation of the effect of food and drink processes at reducing and eliminating such contamination. As it mimics a real processing environment, it also allows us to do combination studies using pathogens and give recommendations for surrogate organisms suitable for further trials.
Assessments can evaluate novel technologies, traditional treatments, product development, pilot equipment, troubleshooting and new packaging formats. We can back this up with in-house expertise on the heat resistance and subsequent survival of microorganisms in a very wide range of food and drink matrices.
Clients have the option to have work done that is primarily laboratory-based or combine this with validation studies using equipment housed in this area, and possibly followed by validations with manufacturing equipment in place on site at clients' facilities. Contact us for a complete microbiological process validation service.

Contact: Joy Gaze
+44(0)1386 842064

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